We are still receiving numerous queries from practices regarding issues and concerns with PCSE, however, PCSE restructuring in March 2020 led to our Engagement Officer being removed so we no longer have any direct liaison.

PCSE now have a new escalation process for LMCs to use. However, in order for us to raise and escalate any issue, one of the following situations will need to apply:-

  • The practice/person is experiencing severe financial hardship, OR
  • There is a potential risk to patient safety, OR
  • The Practice/person has been waiting for over 40 days since first raising the issue with PCSE, has a valid CAS number, and has reason to believe that resolution is not imminent.
    • If the query has not been responded to within 40 days, the practice should contact PCSE Customer Support Centre on 0333 014 2884 and request to escalate their case. If no resolution is received within a further 5 working days the practice can escalate the issue via the LMC.

The LMC will need the practice to complete this escalation template with the necessary details and e-mail to  We will then forward appropriately to PCSE.

Other ways to contact PCSE

The Customer Support Centre is open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday for all services.

Telephone Number: 0333 014 2884

Postal Address:  Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN

*Any post, including any claim forms, returns or cheques currently posted to PCSE, should now be sent to the Darlington address above, which is a secure storage and distribution facility. If you wish to courier your documents to PCSE, please note there is a separate address for courier firms to use: Capita Intelligent Communications, Building 17, Units 2 & 6, Lingfield Point, McMullen Road, DARLINGTON, DL1 1RW.

Further information is available on their website: 

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Claiming owed money

The BMA has produced guidance on service failures. This includes a document that details the process for making a claim.

The BMA say they are aware that practices and individual GPs continue to experience unacceptable incidents relating to PCSE (primary care support services in England), commissioned by NHS England and provided by Capita. The issues have been ongoing for some time and they are aware of cases where practices have not received payments or have received incorrect payments. It is never acceptable for payments to be delayed and the BMA advise practices to follow the below process to ensure incorrect payments are corrected. Similarly, they are aware that practices or individual doctors may have suffered losses due to the failing of these services and again they advise to follow the below process.

1. If a practice or individual has any issue due to the service provided by PCSE, such as delays or errors in payment, they should contact PCSE in the first instance to resolve the issues, putting appropriate details in the header to ensure PCSE can pass details onto the relevant back office team.

2. If the issue is not resolved by PCSE in a timely manner, then you should contact NHS England to make a claim at their designated email address They suggest that you include the following details in your email: –

  • Your name and address (or the name of the practice and its address)
  • The reason for your claim
  • A clear explanation of the facts
  • What losses are you are claiming (these may be direct losses such as your contractual payments, or indirect losses such as costs incurred because of having to take out a loan to pay for practice expenses)
  • Attach any supporting documents which verify the facts in the letter and the amount claimed
  • A date by which you want a full response, we recommend 28 days
  • Any other relevant information NHS England should then be in contact about your claim.

You should note that by accepting an offer of compensation it could mean you forego the right to seek any further redress, so please consider fully all losses that you suffered because of failings by PCSE.

You may also wish to consider taking up your claim via the small claims court, however not all claims are suitable for this route. See BMA guidance on bringing a small claim.

If you cannot reach agreement with NHS England over your claim, please contact GPC England ( who can escalate the issue on your behalf. Please include the previous correspondence and a clear outline of the issue and the desired outcome.

If you are unsure about the terms of any offer or your legal rights you may wish to seek independent legal advice, however, depending on the financial loss you have suffered, this may not be financially prudent. BMA Law offers expert legal advice at preferential rates for BMA members. They can be contacted on or 0300 123 2014.

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New GP Payments and Pensions Online (GPPP)

Following a number of similar queries, PCSE have created a Practice Manager Guide to Pensions. It may be  useful and quicker to check this if you have an issue before raising with PCSE.

From 1st June 2021, PCSE launched the new online service for payments and pensions.

This will allow Practices and GPs working in General Practice to access a range of new services to help manage their payments and pensions administration.

PCSE have created a number of useful guides for the new GP Pensions & Payments service and are available here and ‘How to’ videos on their YouTube channel.

They have also created FAQs for this service that can be seen on their “help page”.

They have also produced a guide for ” Contacting PCSE for GP Payments queries

April 2023 – PCSE have added a further useful tool – Estimate and Salary Change Guide – includes a video demo

For any issues with payments, PCSE advise calling their customer support service (0333 014 2884) in the first instance rather than log the query online.

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GP Employment Changes Awaiting Approval

If you are a Principal or Salaried GP and need to update your employment details, this is done using PCSE Online . Part of the process requires approval from either the ‘PL Practice Manager’ or the ICB (previoulsy CCG) who will receive an email from PCSE asking them to log onto PCSE Online in order to approve the change.

  • If the status of your change is showing as ‘Waiting for Details’ this means that it is pending approval by the person at your practice with the ‘PL Practice Manager’ role on PCSE Online. Please speak to them to progress your request.
  • If the status of your request is showing as ‘Awaiting NHSE’, this means that it is with your ICB awaiting approval. ICBs will acknowledge this change once the appropriate contractual changes have been made. Please speak to them to progress your request.

You can view the full process of completing an employment change here . Once your employment change has been approved, the status will change to assigned.

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