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Are you interested in joining the Wessex LMCs Team? We are looking to recruit to the post of Deputy Director of Primary Care.  You will be part of highly regarded and motivated team, helping support and advise our practices on a wide range of issues. For more information please see our Join the team page.
The BMA Wessex Roadshow – July 24th 2024
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About this Event: Wessex LMCs are delighted to host one of the BMA GPC Roadshows and we do hope that you can join us in attending. This is a free event to be held on the evening of 24th July at the Holiday Inn (Winchester) and will be open to all GPs, Practice Managers and Practice […]
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) in Primary Care
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Pertussis – the latest infectious disease to make the headlines, but also to cause real risk to the most vulnerable patients in our population. Listen to Dr Sanjay Patel, Consultant in Infections disease at Southampton Hospital talk Dr Will Howard, a Wessex LMCs Medical Director, about pertussis, what’s going on, how to recognise and treat […]
A message from Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, GPC England Chair on Thursday 16th May 2024 Today, GPC England has voted to move to Phase One of Saving General Practice, with the announcement of a ballot for GP contractors / partners across England next month, ahead of prospective action commencing on 1 August. In March, 99.2% of […]
The BMA have published guidance on COVID therapeutics for General Practice. The key statement is below. “We therefore recommend that GPs do not agree to prescribe this unless as part of an appropriately commissioned service.” Wessex LMC’s agrees with this guidance but we wanted to highlight wider related issues in this introduction. We have recently […]
The DHSC laid regulations before Parliament on 15th April which will put the medical examiner system on a statutory footing from 9th September. Under these reforms all deaths will legally become subject to either a medical examiner’s scrutiny or a coroner’s investigation. This also means that changes to simplify the death certification process for GPs, […]
Measles Alert
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MMR vaccinations for eligible practice staff We understand that many practices have been asking if they can vaccinate their own practice staff in this instance. You may be aware that on 19 February 2024 Jane Freeguard, Deputy Director of Vaccination – Medicines & Pharmacy from the NHS England national team, confirmed that: In light of […]
Shared care is a term used within the NHS to describe the situation where a specialist doctor wishes to pass some of the patient’s care, such as prescription of medication, over to their general practitioner (GP). This is something that can be requested but the guidance for all medications is that this may only be […]
Wessex LMCs 2024 Conference for GPs, PMs and Senior Leaders in General Practice We are really excited to offer a wide range of interesting, innovative and thought-provoking topics for our 2024 Conference which offers something for everyone. There are topics to suit clinicians, managers – in fact all senior leaders in general practice! Join us […]
We have, together with input from a Practice Manager Supporter and PCN Manager, produced this PM Calendar – National Return Requirements 2023-2024 as a calendar, which we hope could be a useful resource as an aide memoire. One GP has been quoted as saying that “it just illustrates to me how complicated our contracts are and […]