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Practice Nurse - St Mary's Surgery

Job Title: General Practice Nurse

Responsible to: GP Partners/Lead Nurse (Clinically) & Practice Manager (Managerially).

An exciting opportunity has arisen to work with a dynamic and friendly practice located in Timsbury village, approximately 6 miles from the City Bath.

We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic practice/registered nurse. The job includes carrying out routine nursing duties, child immunisations, cervical screening, chronic disease management and leg ulcer care.

We deliver strong patient care to our 5,500-patient population and pride ourselves on delivering safe and timely care, enabling patients to optimise their health and well-being. We offer our staff the opportunity to develop skills and competencies and can offer in-house (and external – where appropriate) training and mentorship, in a supportive environment.

Job Purpose:

The post holder is responsible for ensuring the delivery of safe and effective nursing care for the whole practice population. Clinically, the focus of the role is the delivery of evidence-based practice for patients with acute and chronic conditions, and management and preventative nursing interventions to meet all patients. You will work collaboratively with the whole general practice team to meet the needs of the patients.

Clinical practice:

  • Assess, plan, develop, implement, and evaluate individual plans of care to promote health and well-being, and prevent adverse effects on health and well-being.
  • To assess and treat patients with chronic conditions and ensure the smooth running of clinics within agreed protocols, and to ensure targets are met.
  • Identify and manage as appropriate, treatment plans for patients at risk of developing a long-term condition.
  • Identify and manage as appropriate, treatment plans for patients with a current acute health concern, such as a wound care.
  • Provide a holistic approach to wound management and implement wound care in line with current evidence-based guidelines, including Doppler.
  • Suture removal.
  • Carry out ECGs.
  • Prioritise health problems and intervene appropriately to assist the patient in complex, urgent or emergency situations, including initiation of effective emergency care and referral on when appropriate.
  • Support patients to adopt health promotion strategies that encourage patients to live healthily, and apply principles of self-care, including taking opportunities to promote health and wellbeing wherever they arise.
  • Ensures awareness of statutory and local clinical protection procedures, including systems of referral. Ability to recognise signs and symptoms of abuse.
  • Able to document consultations according to NMC guidelines.
  • Support and advise women requesting information relating to family planning needs and those presenting for cervical cytology consultations.
  • Perform venepuncture according to local guidelines.
  • Implement and participate in vaccination and immunisation programmes for both adults and children. Offer advice about childhood and adult vaccinations and ensure vaccines are administered under patient group directions.
  • Able to recognise and manage anaphylaxis according to current UK guidelines.
  • Able to perform Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation according to current UK guidelines.
  • Ensure infection control guidelines are maintained.
  • Ability to monitor and manage maintenance of stock and equipment to include refrigeration and emergency equipment.


  • Utilise and demonstrate sensitive communication styles, to ensure patients are fully informed and consent to treatment- recognising the need for alternative methods of communication to overcome different levels of understanding, cultural background, and preferred ways of communicating.
  • Communicate with and effectively support patients and their carers who are receiving potentially distressing information.
  • Utilise communication skills to support patients to adhere to prescribed treatment regimens.

Delivering a quality service:

  • Recognise and work within own competence and professional code of conduct as regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • Produce accurate, contemporaneous, and complete records of patient consultation, consistent with legislation, policies, and procedures.
  • Prioritise, organise, and manage own workload in a manner that maintains and promotes quality.
  • Deliver care according to all appropriate guidelines including the NSF and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines and evidence-based care.
  • Assess effectiveness of care delivery through self and peer review, benchmarking, and formal evaluation, including NMC revalidation
  • Participate in the maintenance of quality governance systems and processes across the organisation and its activities.
  • Utilise the audit cycle as a means of evaluating the quality of the work of self and the team, implementing improvements where required.
  • In partnership with other clinical teams, collaborate on improving the quality of health care, responding to local and national policies and initiatives as appropriate.
  • Evaluate the patient’s response to health care provision and the effectiveness of care.
  • Support and participate in shared learning across the practice and wider organisation by participating in the management, review and identify learning from patient complaints, clinical incidents and near-miss events.
  • Participate in the performance monitoring review of the team, providing feedback as appropriate.
  • Understand principles of safeguarding children and apply local guidance in relation to safeguarding children.
  • Understand principles of adult safeguarding and apply local guidance in relation to working with vulnerable adults, domestic abuse and refer as appropriate.

Team working:

  • Understand own role and scope in the organisation and identify how this may develop over time.
  • Work as an effective and responsible team member, supporting others and exploring the mechanisms to develop new ways of working.
  • Ensure clear understanding and utilisation of referral mechanisms within the practice.
  • Accept delegation from Lead nurse, prioritise own workload and ensure effective time-management strategies are embedded in own practice.
  • Work effectively with others to clearly define values, direction and policies impacting upon care delivery Participate in team activities that create opportunities to improve patient care.
  • Participate in and support local projects as agreed with the practice management team.

Management of risk:

  • Manage and assess risk within the areas of responsibility, ensuring adequate measures are in place to protect staff and patients.
  • Monitor work areas and practices to ensure they are safe and free from hazards and conform to health, safety and security legislation, policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Ensure safe storage, rotation and disposal of vaccines and drugs is undertaken.
  • Where appropriate, oversee the monitoring, stock control and documentation of controlled drug usage according to legal requirements.
  • Undertake mandatory and statutory training.
  • Apply infection control measures within the practice according to local and national Guidelines.
  • Apply policies that reduce environmental health risks, are culturally sensitive and increase access to health care for all.
  • Participate in the local implementation strategies that are aligned to the values and culture of general practice.

Personal/Professional development:

  • Participate in any training programme implemented as part of this employment, such training to include:
  • Participation in an annual individual performance review, including taking responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal and/or professional development taking responsibility for own development, learning and performance and demonstrating skills and activities to others who are undertaking similar work.
  • Take responsibility for one’s own learning and identify all appropriate opportunities for professional development.
  • Disseminate learning and information gained to other team members to share good practice and inform others about current and future developments.
  • Provide an educational role to patients, carers, families, and colleagues in an environment that facilitates learning.
  • When appropriate, undertake learning and development to enable to the effective teaching and assessment in practice of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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£16.00 PH - Dependent on experience.
St Mary's Surgery