Personal Administration Fees

It is noted in the General Medical Services Statement of Financial Entitlements Directions 2021 (Page 37) , Area Teams must make personal administration payments to all non-dispensing GMS contractors for the following;

  • vaccines, anaesthetics and injections (with the exception of vaccines supplied for the childhood immunisation programme, the shingles vaccination programme and any other product which is centrally supplied by the Department of Health and Social Care)
  • diagnostic reagents for the Dick and Schick tests, Protein Sensitisation Test Solutions, Tuberculin Tests (i.e. Koch Test, Mantoux Test,  Patch Test and Diagnostic Jelly)
  • intrauterine contraceptive devices (including drug-releasing IUCDs,  contraceptive caps and diaphragms)
  • pessaries which are appliances
  • sutures (including skin closure strips).

The personal administration fee for the provision of these drugs, appliances and tests now includes;

  • basic price of the drug or appliance, less a value-related discount (3-11% see Annex G of SFE on page 88 )
  • a higher dispensing fee than previously
  • allowance to cover VAT on basic price of the product after deduction of discount
  • exceptional expenses (see Drug Tariff Part II, clause 12 (Out of Pocket Expenses)

The NHS Business Services Authority suggests you can use the browser search in the NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) to check if an item is allowed as personally administered.

You can access historical practice data for Personally Administered Items  via ePACT2, you will need to register first to use this service. This guidance document from NHSBSA advices how to access and use the report for your practice.

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