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Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS) are typified by the non-urgent, planned, transportation of patients with a medical need for transport to and from a premises providing NHS healthcare and between NHS healthcare providers.  This can and should encompass a wide range of vehicle types and levels of care consistent with the patient’s medical needs.

The majority of patients will only require local transport, but NEPTS may also cover journeys outside of the normal catchment area in some circumstances.

Integrated Care Board’s (ICB’s) are now responsible for providing or securing the provision of transport services to such extent as they consider necessary to meet all the reasonable requirements of the patient which may include a variety of vehicles from cars to ambulances.

Eligible patients are recognised as those where the medical condition of the patient is such that:

  • they require the skills or support of NEPTS staff during or after the journey;
  • where it would be detrimental to the patient’s condition or recovery if they were to travel by other means;
  • where the patient’s medical condition impacts on their mobility to such an extent that they would be unable to access healthcare.

Currently, medical need for the initial NEPTS booking (that which does not require an immediate or urgent response) must be determined by a doctor, dentist or other health professional and will depend upon the medical condition of the individual patient and meet the required criteria:

  • Are currently unable to use a car, public or community transport
  • Need skilled help to leave their home
  • Will require extra support on their journey

NEPTS providers are as follows:

From the 1st July 2023 NEPTS in Dorset changed to run as two individual services:

Discharge and patient transfer – E-zec Medical Transport Services, operating as EMED, provide 24 hours a day service, 7 days a week, to facilitate an up to 2-hour hospital discharge and transfer service, plus a 2-hour response time for enhanced priority journeys.  Bookings for this service are to be made by healthcare staff using:

NHS and primary care booking line  0300 777 6666 or  EMED Cleric PTS Online portal – E-Zec Medical PTS login.

Outpatient journeys – Health Transportation Group (HTG) provide transport to eligible service users to attend outpatient appointments both in and out of area, including renal dialysis treatment.  Bookings for this service are to be made by healthcare staff using:

Telephone  01278 727457 or  Email

Healthcare staff can also use the HTG PTS online portal.    If you have any queries or require access the online booking portals, please contact:

N.B  –  Contact the HTG Call Centre 01268 209655 when booking either patients detained under the Mental Health Act or Bariatric patients

After an initial outpatient journey booking made by healthcare staff, patients can then contact NEPTS direct for future bookings by calling the Patient Transfer Advice Centre (PTAC) on 01278 727457.  Available Monday to Friday 8:30am – 6:30pm (not Bank Holidays)

Please advise patients when making the phone call to have the following information available:

Name and address, Date of birth, Telephone number, NHS number, GP details, Details of treatment, The hospital or clinic they are attending, Time, date and expected duration of the appointment, Department and consultant details, Type of appointment (outpatient, day case, discharge etc.)

The non-emergency patient transport service for those living in Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire (BSW) is provided by E-zec Medical Transport Services.

Patients who wish to be considered for the service are required to be assessed by the Patient Transport Advice Centre (PTAC) against the national eligibility criteria.

To book transport the patient, or a nominated person on their behalf, will need to call the PTAC.  The telephone number you call will depend on the area the patient’s GP is located: 

Bath & North East Somerset: 01278 727425

Swindon: 01278 727401

Wiltshire: 01278 727410

Further information is available in the NEPTS-patient-information-leaflet.pdf (

  • Hampshire  – South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) is the provider for NEPTS (which includes practices in our North East Hampshire, Farnham & IOW areas).

Hampshire Health Care Professionals who require assistance can contact SCAS NEPTS via their dedicated line on 0300 100 0024 (option 1).  The NEPTS dedicated Contact Centre is open from 06:30am until 23:00pm 7 days a week.

Patients are considered eligible if:

  • Their medical condition is such that you require the skills and support of NEPTS staff during or after their journey, and/or it would be detrimental to their condition or recovery to travel by other means. Or:
  • Their medical condition affects their mobility to such an extent that they would be unable to access healthcare and/or it would be detrimental to their condition or recovery to travel by other means.
  • A person may also travel if they are the recognised parent or guardian of a child being transported by NEPTS.

Hampshire patients accessing transport for the first time need to call the Contact Centre on 0300 123 9833 to create a master record and book their initial appointment.  There is also a dedicated Cancellation Line on 0300 790 0143 and also an Estimated Time of Arrival Line for patients on 0300 013 5003 

After their initial booking, patients can then use SCAS NEPTS Patient Zone:   SCAS Patient Hub Login to book subsequent journeys, manage their bookings and check the journey status.  Patients can also cancel a booking if transport is no longer required.  Patients will need their NHS number and date of birth to login.

Technical help for Patient Transport website booking is available via email:

Further information is in the NEPTS Online Booking Promo.    Hants & IOW ICB have information on their website Patient Transport :: Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICS ( with a further FAQ page, specifically for the IOW area Isle of Wight Patient Transport Service :: Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICS (

Patient Information

More information for patients, including the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme, can be downloaded from NHS Choices Website –  How do I organise transport to and from hospital?

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