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Workforce Minimum Data Set

Update July 2015

Following representations from HSCIC, the ICO has amended its advice regarding section 10 of the DPA and has agreed that the information requested by HSCIC does not contravene the act.

Practices are therefore obliged to provide the information and there is no longer any point in staff objecting directly to the ICO. However, as you will recall, HSCIC did amend its criteria to exclude NI numbers and sickness records which were the main issues for most staff.

Update May 2015

You will have seen in our last newsletter information around what needs to be submitted to HSCIC and the timescales for this.  Incidentally Nigel is 'cauiously' optimistic that there may yet be more concessions with the information that needs to be submitted due to ongoing discussions between the GPC & HSCIC.  Our advice therefore is to populate the information within the Primary Care Web Tool but save without submitting.  There is a separate submit button and we would suggest that this is not therefore, pressed until the 31st May 2015 whilst we await the outcome of the national discussions.

It is also worth noting that HSCIC has advised that regular locums and also registrar's information will need to be included in the submission. 

Once we have a further update we will let you know.


Update April 2015

You should have recently received an email from HSCIC regarding the Workforce Minimum Dataset.

GPC have published a position statement in response, which confirms:

"The legal position is that practices are required under the HSCA to provide the information requested for the WMDS. The ICO has clearly stated that they would not consider practices to be in breach of the DPA in providing this information required by the HSCIC".

GPC remains concerned about the burden placed on practices in completing this collection.

From 31st March 2015, you will have up to 31 May 2015 to complete this return for clinical staff, allowing a two months window for you to allocate resources to this. The Primary Care Web Tool (PCWT) is always open so you can enter data at any point in time.

For all other non-clinical staff, the deadline for completion is extended to the end of November 2015.

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