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The BaNES, Swindon & Wiltshire Local Medical Committee

 The Committee of the BaNES, Swindon & Wiltshire LMC meets 5 times a year, and consists of 22 members, elected from 5 constituencies.  In addition there is provision for the Committee to co-opt one GP to represent a particular area of expertise not otherwise represented on the Committee, a Trainee GP, and the Chief Executive or Treasurer of Wessex LMCs.  The Committee can also have 3 Practice Manager Representatives (preferably one in each area) who are Invitees

Wiltshire LMC has co-opted the following members:

Wiltshire currently has the following Invitees

The Committee can also invite 'Attendees', who may participate in the debates, but do not have a vote, and in Wiltshire these include all Directors of the Wessex LMCs.

Elections are held every two years under the terms of the LMC constitution, and all GPs are eligible for nomination and election. Sessional GPs i.e. those who are not Partners, may choose to stand in their geographical area, or for sessional seats.


Dr Tony Downey

Tony qualified in 1989 from Leeds University and undertook his junior hospital and GP training in West Yorkshire.  Following that Anthony took up a partnership in Co. Durham for 3 years and then joined his wife in a 2-handed practice in Cornwall where he stayed for 7 years. Following which Anthony moved to Wiltshire in 2003 where he joined a small practice in Devizes, becoming senior partner in 2011, joining the LMC in 2004 and elected to Chairman of the Wiltshire LMC in 2012.


Dr Ali Corke

Ali, born and bred on the Isle of Wight, qualified in 1996 from St Georges and undertook GP training in the Wessex area. She has been a GP in many guises as a locum, retainer, salaried GP, GPSI and has been a GP Partner at The Orchard Partnership in Wilton since 2013. 

Ali is passionate about improving the interface and cohesion between primary, secondary and social care. She has been a committee member of the Wiltshire LMC for 10 years. Ali became Vice Chair on the BSW LMC in 2019.

Ali has 3 children, a dog and 3 chickens, and spends time at weekends running and sailing. 


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