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What can the LMC do for Locum / Sessional GPs

As the only statutory, representative body of all local GPs, LMCs throughout the UK play a vital role in supporting and promoting general practice.

In particular:

The specific help that Wessex LMCs can provide to Sessional GPs includes:

Clearly the role of the LMC is wide and by becoming involved in the LMC your voice can be heard both locally and nationally.  Therefore you can play a real role in shaping policy. Additionally, LMC members who contribute to the national levy are eligible to stand for, and vote in, regional GPC elections.

Joining the LMC is the best way for GPs to ensure that they are represented locally and I strongly recommend that all GPs, especially Sessional GPs, make sure that they join their LMC. LMCs are membership organisations and their strength lies in their ability to represent all of the profession. Under-representation of Sessional GPs could seriously risk undermining the strength and effectiveness of Wessex LMCs, as well as leaving a large group of GPs without effective local representation.

How do I join my LMC?

Wessex LMCs now offer a new online membership for locums at a reduced cost of £50 per year, which is usually tax deductible.For the first year of GP qualification this is free. 

To renew, please click on the following link and log in:

If you have not yet registered with a login please click here to create your account:

One you have logged in and clicked on the ‘My profile’ button in the top right hand corner you will see an option at the bottom of the page under the heading 'Account Linking' to ‘Pay membership’. Once you click on this you will be able to pay for your annual membership.

If you have not yet linked your account to Wessex LMCs, click on the 'Link to an Organisation' button and select Wessex LMCs from the drop down options. You will then be able to pay for your membership.


Further details about contributions can be directed to:

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