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What can the LMC do for Locum / Sessional GPs

As the only representative body of all local GPs recognised in statute, LMCs throughout the UK play a vital role in supporting and promoting general practice.

In particular:

The specific offer that Wessex LMCs provides to Sessional GPs in addition to the above includes:

How do I join?

Salaried GPs working in Wessex are automatically a member by virtue of being employed at a levy-paying practice in the Wessex LMCs constituencies. Locum membership costs £50 per annum (but is free for the first calendar year post-CCT), and is tax deductible.

Join online here:

One you have logged in and clicked on the ‘My profile’ button in the top right hand corner you will see an option at the bottom of the page under the heading 'Account Linking' to ‘Pay membership’. If you have not yet linked your account to Wessex LMCs, click on the 'Link to an Organisation' button and select 'Wessex LMCs'.

Renew your membership online here:

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