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Wessex LMCs Audio Podcasts

Take a listen to " An Introduction to Podcasts from Wessex LMCs ". Nigel Watson,CEO and Gareth Bryant, Deputy CEO, discuss the benefits of Podcasts and how they can work for you.

GP Contract Agreement 2020/21

Dr Nigel Watson, CEO of Wessex LMCs and Dr Gareth Bryant, Deputy CEO, discuss the recently published update to the GP Contract Agreement 2020/21

Sessional GP Discussion with a focus on Pensions

Dr Julia Hempenstall, GP Fellow at Wessex LMCs, discusses pensions for sessional GPs with Dr Krishan Aggarwal. Krishan is a member of the sessional GPs subcommittee, GPC UK and deputy chair of the BMA pensions committee.

Teaching of Undergraduate Medical Students

Dr Nigel Watson, CEO Wessex LMCs visits the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton to discuss the teaching of undergraduate medical students with Dr Gavin Pereira, Dr Pritti Aggarwal and Dr Deborah Ros.

Physician Associates Podcast

Nigel Watson, CEO talks to Andy Sharman (Wessex Primary Care Training Hub) about the role of the Physician Associate in General Practice

Finance for PMs Podcast

Matt Perkins, PM Supporter & PM in the New Forest, discusses what PMs need to think about as the end of the financial year approaches with Louise Greenwood, Director of Education and Training at Wessex LMCs. Please see below resource documents in conjunction with this podcast.

Budget 2018-19

Cashflow calculator

Incoming Reporting Checklist

Salary Totals

Legal Update for PMs Podcast

Shanee Baker, LMC Law offers some top legal tips for PMs whilst chatting to Michelle Lombardi, Director of Primary Care at Wessex LMCs.

Group Consultations Podcast

Helene Irvine, Practice Nurse Advisor at Wessex LMCs discusses a new way of working with Louise Greenwood, Director of Education and Training at Wessex LMCs.

GDPR, SARS and Information Governance Podcast

Adam Horton-Tuckett from the Commissioning Support Unit talks to Michelle Lombardi , Director of Primary Care at Wessex LMCs about the Information Governance queries that are challenging general practices at the moment.

Health and Safety Podcast

Gary Hepburn, Sirius Business Services, is in discussion with Louise Greenwood, Director of Education and Training at Wessex LMCs, giving managers to top tips for Health and Safety in their surgeries.

Safeguarding Podcasts

The next few audio podcasts are on Safeguarding with Wendy Thorogood, Consultant Nurse Safeguarding and Dr Clare Sieber. Medical Director at Wessex LMCs.

These Podcasts have been supported by The Wessex GP Educational Trust.

Safeguarding Podcast 1: “ Training Requirements for Adult and Children’s Safeguarding – what are they and what do they mean.”

The next 5 podcasts introduce some new concepts with advice as to how GPs and practice staff can apply this learning.

Safeguarding Podcast 2: “ Hoarding – the cause & effect and mental health implications”

Safeguarding Podcast 3: “ Intrafamilial Abuse & how to identify Early Indicators

Safeguarding Podcast 4: “ Safeguarding Reviews – Domestic Homicide, the LeDeR (Learning Disabilities Mortality Review Programme), and the new Children’s Reviews which are now called Partnership Reviews”

Safeguarding Podcast 5: “ Cuckooing & County-Lines – what are they and how to spot early warning signs.”

Safeguarding Podcast 6: " Contextual Safeguarding – the wider responsibilities and the implications for Primary Care Networks"

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