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Are you finding the demands of modern General Practice, your patients or working in the NHS overwhelming?

You are looking after your patients. Who is looking after you?

Wessex Insight offers professional support for practitioners who may be struggling with challenges or obstacles which are causing a negative impact on their performance in the workplace.

What is Wessex Insight. . .

Wessex Insight is a confidential service that is independent from healthcare employers and external assessment services.

What is the aim of Wessex Insight. . .

The aim is to provide practitioners with access to resources to support their career and assist them to reach their full potential.

Wessex Insight adopts a holistic approach in order to identify the broad range of factors that can impact on a practitioner’s professional development.

What might be offered to me?

Benefits of accessing Wessex Insight include:-

What is the cost?

Initial discussion with the Wessex LMCs and the Deanery Education Team is free.   If Wessex Insight support is needed, we can guide you and develop a specific learning plan with you. Wessex Insight will also offer, where appropriate, a learning bursary to cover up to 50% of the costs for GPs registered with the Wessex LMCs.  The maximum learning bursary available through the Wessex Insight scheme will be £2,000.  An individual GP would be expected to match the Bursary granted, up to the £2000 maximum figure, allowing  up to £4000 in total to meet your needs.

Who Is Not Suitable for Referral To Wessex Insight?

This innovative scheme is aimed at bridging the gap between educational provision for doctors who already receive formal educational support and existing educational provision which is not tailored to meet individualised learning needs.

Enquiries. . .

To discuss whether Wessex Insight is right for you simply email us at:

Alternatively, contact the office on:

Tel. 023 8025 3874  and ask for Julie Thornley of Wessex Insight to arrange for a discussion with a Medical Director at a mutually convenient time.

We do not accept referrals from other parties on behalf of an individual but will happily answer any questions about the process.

We welcome enquiries from GPs across the Wessex LMCs area, covering:

Supported By

NB:  Please be aware that GMC guidelines apply to all information disclosed.


Pastoral Support

A core part of the role of Wessex LMCs is pastoral support.

As the pressures within practice ever increases there is a growing need for this.

In addition to GP support accsessible through Wessex Insight we are delighted to offer support to Practice Managers through our Practice Manager Supporters who are based throughout Wessex.  Please click here for contact details:

If you are in distress or you are worried about a colleague, please do call us. If we can't help we normally know where to help signpost to and there are quite a few other little known organisations available that we work with.


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