Dermatology: Basic Skin Lesion Recognition with a Dermoscope

Dermatology: Basic Skin Lesion Recognition with a Dermoscope

About this Video

Aimed at GPs, ANPs & Allied Health Professionals in Primary Care. This session aims to give delegates a greater understanding of lesion diagnostics using a dermoscope.

The dermoscope (some users prefer the term dermatoscope) is a portable, hand-held skin microscope which is now well proven as an invaluable tool in skin lesion recognition. It is often called ‘The dermatologist’s stethoscope’ and this is a fitting analogy because it is a simple piece of kit, deployed after history taking, inspection and palpation have been done, which gathers additional clinical data leading to better diagnostic decisions. Some training is required.

To become a real expert with the dermoscope takes time and mentoring, but clinical trials have shown that GPs can significantly improve their ability to recognise skin cancers after just one day of training. The Primary Care Dermatology Society has long advocated that GPs and practice nurses should use dermoscopy primarily to support the diagnosis of everyday benign lesions (warts, banal naevi, haemangiomas etc) to avoid patients with such lesions being sent needlessly on cancer pathways.

Don’t forget to log your learning points & reflections as part of your CPD. CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your learning and how you apply it.

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