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Vaccines and Immunisations - Guidance for Practices

Patient Group Directions

PGDs in Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (Wessex)

PGDs in Bath, Swindon and Wiltshire

For more advice and guidance on PGDs and PSDs go to:

Vaccinations and Immunisation Programs 

The national arrangements for providing vaccines and immunisations are set out in the additional services section of the Statement of Financial Entitlements (SFE).

Those vaccines and immunisations that are provided as enhanced services will have their arrangements outlined in service specifications

The 2018/19 Programmes

From 1 April 2018, the item of service (IoS) fee for the following vaccinations was increased from £9.80 to £10.06 per dose in line with the consumer price inflation (CPI) index:

The Item of Service fee for the following programmes is unchanged at £9.80 per dose:

The payment for pneumococcal PCV will remain at £15.02.

A number of changes have been agreed to the vaccination and immunisation programmes.

The following programmes continue unchanged:

Download a summary of the new and amended programmes.

The requirements for the following vaccination programmes are available in the service specifications which are available to download:

The detail of these programmes will be available in the vaccination and immunisation programmes 2018/19 guidance and audit requirements document which will be published in due course.

The technical requirements for 2018/19 GMS contract changes document will be published in due course.

It is recommended that you read all the specifications to confirm the eligible cohort and ensure that you are able to deliver the requirements in full, including all the data requirements.

Sign up to CQRS is required and will indicate your full participation in the programme.  Payments will be made via CQRS and sign up is required no later than 30 June 2018.  Failure to do so may result in delayed payments as the offer will close and you will be unable to claim on CQRS for any programme that you are not signed up to.

GP Collections Timetable 2018/19 

To download HSCIC’s GP collections timetable for 2018/19, click here:

Information for Immunisation Professionals

For further information/links to the national immunisation schedule, incomplete immunisation algorithm and e-learning resources, go to:

The Green Book

The Green Book has the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures, for vaccine preventable infectious diseases in the UK.  To download a version click here:

Travel Vaccinations

For advice on travel vaccinations, go to:

BMA ‘Focus On’ Guidance

Focus on travel immunisation
This guidance explains which travel immunisations are available on the NHS and which can be charged for privately.

Focus on hepatitis B immunisations
The Focus on hepatitis B immunisations aims to clarify the circumstances where charges can be made and where active attempts to encourage immunisation ought to be made.

New Vaccination Programmes

Above link includes details on: Hep B, MenC, MMR, Pertussis, Rotavirus, Seasonal Flu, Pneumococcal, Shingles.


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