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Trick or treat? PM announces a new GP contract

2 November 2015, Pulse

After the poor response to the ‘new deal’ for the profession, the Prime Minister has sought to re-set his relationship with GPs by announcing a new voluntary contract from 2017.

The new GP contract fits in neatly with NHS England’s Five Year Forward View, which urges GPs to take on more specialist care. The ‘vanguard’ pilots of the new models of care in many areas are the driver behind the new contract, and it will enable a combined contract between hospitals and large GP practices for the first time.

Some LMC leaders see this as an important move.

Dr Nigel Watson, GPC member and chief executive of Wessex LMCs, says: ‘This is driving change and the world is beginning to look very different. I welcome the opportunity to explore a new voluntary contract. It will provide opportunities.

‘Change is always something people will fear; in my view we need to explore the opportunities and also ensure the negative aspects, if there are any, are addressed.’

To read the full article click here: Trick or treat? PM announces a new GP contract

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