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Trainee GPs

We are always keen to hear from GP registrars so please feel free to get in touch, we are here for you too. We try and get round all the VTS schemes to talk on the LMC, current general practice and political issues - if you don't have us in your year's agenda ask your course organiser to get in touch.  We think they are invaluable and the feedback from GP trainees is that they find them useful.

Understanding more about the LMC

If you would like to come and sit in on a committee meeting then please contact us, and to understand more about who we are and what we do, read our leaflet Wessex LMCs - A Guide for GPSTs

Wessex Deanary AiT Guide to Completing Your Training 

If you felt inundated at the start of your training then check you haven’t missed anything useful with this Health Education Wessex AiT Guide which contains lots of useful advice and information about being a trainee in Wessex.

Getting Ready to Qualify as a GP

The LMCs has written the guide, below, to help you navigate the final few months of your GP training. By now you will be totally au fait with your ePortfolio and what is required of you as a GP trainee. As you qualify the rules change again and up until now there hasn’t been a clear checklist of all the expected processes you need to do from all the different organisations.  Many of the VTS schemes will cover these during their Day Release sessions. This guide aims to supplement this and also be a point of reference for those who may miss those sessions due to holiday, illness or extended leave.  It covers topics such as applying for your CCT, applying to be on the GMC specialist register, applying to be on the NPL, updating your medical indemnity, and getting ready for appraisal and revalidation.


Also see our Interview tips page for help and advice.



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