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Third Party Training & Events - The Nursing Team

Training For The Nursing Team

Please do not contact Wessex LMCs about these training events & programmes. These are just being advertised here for your information.

Join the Nursing Times community (E-Learning modules for practice nurses from Macmillan) (Gateway C - Online cancer education for primary care) (Information and protocols about ears)

ttps:// (E-Learning for Healthcare) (Free e-learning) (Various study days) (Various Practice Nurse Courses available) (Immunisation & Vaccination Training) (Cervical Smear Training / Contraception / Imm & Vacs) (Resuscitation / Immunisation / Vaccination / Anaphylaxis)


Wiseguy Training for Practice Nurses covering a wide range of topics:

Clinical courses September to December 2019

Tel: 01962 732425

Mobile: 07885 423002



Southern Health

Immunisation Training – introduction, Updates and Flu:

£300 per delegate (2 day course) £150 (one day course)

For info about dates& courses please contact:

Wendy West, Clinical Training Administrator, Leadership Education and Development,

Tom Rudd Unit, Moorgreen Hospital, Botley Road, West End SO30 3JB


Health Education Wessex courses for nurses:


Immunisation & Cytology Training

Various courses run by Professional Development International, see website for course details and bookings:

Cervical sample taker training information: PDI’s cytology e-learning


Cytology & Other Training

Various courses run by Clinical Training Ltd, see website for Cervical Cytology course details and bookings:


Travel Information (Travel Health Specialist Nurse)


QOF Support for your GP Practice 2019


The e-LFH level 3 for Adult Safeguarding is not out yet. Levels 1 and 2 are there for practices at the moment.

Whilst waiting, however, the following can help prepare in readiness for Level 3 training:

 Local Adult Safeguarding Boards – most have training on offer

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