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Third Party Training & Events - GP

Training For GPs

Please do not contact Wessex LMCs about these training events & programmes. These are just being advertised here for your information.

GP Education 

Most events are advertised here -

BMA: including the BMA Local Engagement Trial

Gateway C - Online cancer education for primary care -


Royal Society of Medicine:

E-Learning for Healthcare -

GP Forum:

NB Medical:

Red Whale:

QOF for your GP Practice 2019:

Management Course Option with Horses.:



The e-LFH level 3 for Adult Safeguarding is not out yet. Levels 1 and 2 are there for practices at the moment.

Whilst waiting, however, the following can help prepare in readiness for Level 3 training:

Local Adult Safeguarding Boards – most have training on offer


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