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The Nursing Team - Careers in Health

If you are looking to join the National Health Service, or changing your role, the following links have information that may help.

Working in Health - all you need to know about working in the health sector - how it is structured, the sort of people we need, where you might work and the the pay and benefits.

Find your Career - There are over 350 different careers in the NHS. Many work with patients but there are many that don't. Not everyone needs a degree either!

NHS Jobs - Perform a job search, find jobs that match your skills, and apply for NHS jobs online.

NHS Employers - We help employers to develop a sustainable workforce, improve staff experience and be the best employers they can be.

Useful Links and Publications

NHSE  Introducing the 6 Cs in Nursing. Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment

Careers  - Explore roles | Health Careers


Start your journey to becoming a healthcare support worker today | Health Careers

Healthcare assistant | Health Careers

Healthcare support worker | Health Careers


Nursing careers | Health Careers

GPN General practice nurse | Health Careers

Nursing Associate Nursing associate | Health Careers


Pharmacy | Health Careers

Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy technician | Health Careers

Pharmacist Pharmacist | Health Careers

Physician Associate

Medical associate professions (MAPs) | Health Careers

Physician associate | Health Careers


Experienced paramedic | Health Careers

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