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The Lost Update - Online Training

The Lost Update Podcast/Presentations 

Presented by Dr Andrew Morrice BSc MBBS MD MRCGP DipHGP. A GP for 22 years, 17 of those years using the Human Givens approach every day in his work with patients. 

Whilst we all work through the first wave of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Dr Andrew Morrice has put some selected elements of ‘The Lost Update’ into the form of 4 presentations.  They can be watched as videos or downloaded as podcasts.  The sound track is identical for each, and slides with important visual or information content are described fully.  

The resources page for this series can be accessed here:

The JoinedUpHealth general resources page is here:

Podcast introducing the Lost Update:

#1 How to Keep Calm

60 minutes

Link - audio

Link - video

Content timings

00:00   Intro

07:57   The Emotional Guidance System and Imagination

14:45   Threat-Defence responses

17:39   Imagination/Threat-Defence feedback loops

25:26   A benefit of Exercise

28:18   The Relaxation Response

34:13   Breathing for Vagal Stimulation

53:15   Some other calming techniques

#2 Our Innate Needs and Resources

52 minutes

Link - audio ​​​​​​​

Link - video ​​​​​​​

Content timings

00:00   Introduction

03:39   The Human Givens/Needs and Resources Approach

05:35   Innate psychological Needs

22:45   Innate psychological Resources

40:16   What could possibly go wrong?!

48:39   Checking: How am I doing?

#3 Sleep - Recharging our Batteries

53 minutes

NB: If you notice a tired-looking speaker in this video, you are right. This was the third consecutive video recorded in one day, following 4 weeks poor sleep (due to physical symptoms, rather than lack of sleep hygiene!) 

Link - audio

Link - video ​​​​​​​


00:00   Introduction

03:00   How much sleep?

06:30   Some consequences of insufficient sleep

13:42   The Structure of Sleep

30:56   The Drivers of Sleep and how to support them

45:47   Other Factors enabling sleep, and how to support them.  


You can record your reflections from the training via your learning diary here:​​​​​​ ​​​​​​CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your listening and how you apply it.​​​​​​​  

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