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Support for GP's - What is available?

Support for GPs

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Time For Care Document

As General Practitioners, we spend much of our time helping and supporting our patients through their many physical and mental health problems. But who looks after us and supports us? 

Many will have great support from family and friends, but occasionally you may need more. This is what this booklet is trying to do. If you realise that you are struggling, remember that you are not alone, nor are you the first to have experienced this. This booklet explains where you can seek help if needed through a variety of processes that are in place within the NHS and related to our work as a GP.

In a recent survey, one in eight GPs had sought help from pastoral or wellbeing services within the past year. Over 90% of GPs identified workload as a major factor.  This has led to many older doctors leaving the profession earlier than they intended and is also deterring younger GP trainees from joining the profession.

GPs may self-identify that they need help, or this thought might come from a work colleague, your family and friends, or it may be part of your discussion with your appraiser. The important factor is identifying that there is an issue and being willing to seek help.

As an LMC we are often contacted by GPs who are in need of help. Very few are aware of the range of support that is available or how to access this help. 

You will not reach the end of your career without facing a complaint. This is stressful for all involved but can be helped if you understand the process and follow some basic advice.

We will also highlight the different bodies that may be involved in the journey of a complaint. All GPs will be aware of the GMC as the national regulatory body of all doctors. We will talk through this process and support available. However, we will also cover the local processes of the Performance Advisory Group (PAG) and Performers List Decision Making Panel (PLDP), of which many GPs are unaware but can still make career changing decisions for practitioners. 


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