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Summary Care Record (SCR)

What is Summary Care Record

The SCR is intended to support patient care in urgent and emergency care settings. The SCR stores a defined set of key patient data for every patient in England except those who elect not to have one. This data makes a summary record created from information held on GP clinical systems. This summary record helps in ensuring continuity of care across a variety of care settings.

What does it mean for patients and NHS staff?

A patient's SCR contains key health information including details of allergies, current prescriptions and bad reactions to medicines. Following the creation of this initial SCR, a patient and their doctor may add additional information to the patient's SCR. This must only be added with the explicit consent of the patient.

The availability of SCRs assists in improving the safety and quality of patient care, by providing authorised healthcare staff with easier access to reliable information about the patient to help with treatment.

As the patient is treated they are asked by staff if they can look at their SCR every time they need to. Not everyone involved in the patient's care is able to see all of their records. The amount of information staff can see depends on their job. NHS staff who do not need to see information about the patient's treatment cannot view it – for example, non clinical staff do not have access to clinical information unless it is necessary for them to do their job.

This has been an emotive topic. There have been concerns about data security and accuracy and a doubt in whether the government can be trusted with this information. As a result there have been two major reviews since the introduction of the SCR to improve trust, confidence and governance. Of course, there are huge potential advantages to our patients with better information sharing about allergies and drugs between clinicians. Patient groups are strongly backing this information sharing. The vast majority of patients are surprised that we don't already share the data but there remains a number of patients and doctors with significant concerns.

Hampshire Health Record (HHR)

The Hampshire Health Record (HHR) is a local system of information sharing which is currently live across most of Hampshire and receiving feeds from the majority of GP practices and most of the hospitals serving the population of Hampshire. It is not part of the national SCR. It is a much richer record than the SCR (which contains adverse reactions, allergies and drugs unless individually specified) allowing authorised users to view lab results, radiology, discharge summary data and read coded diagnoses as well.

Patient groups are strongly backing this information sharing

Please refer to the HHR website for further information.


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