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South West New Forest MCP Update, Issue 1

26 May 2015, Southern Health

So what happens next?
The outcome of the recent visit of the national New Models of Care Team.

This flash report was written by Dr Nigel Watson,

Clinical Lead for the SW New Forest Multi-Speciality Community Provider

In early May the New Models of Care Team conducted a two day visit of our fledgling MCP. A team pf 11 experts assessed our progress, explored our vision of the future and  assured themselves that we were able to deliver what we have promised. 
I am pleased to say the visit when well, our plans were well received, several streams of work are already underway and we are now seeking additional funding for transformation and also to  increase the capacity that is needed to provide more out of hospital care.
We are also looking for investment in technology both to help deliver integrated care and to support more self management.

To read the full report please click here: SW New Forest Template


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