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Somerset health and social care merger offers template for Labour reform...

8 August 2014, GP Online

Wessex LMCs chief executive Dr Nigel Watson said: ‘I definitely think we can deliver better care if we get rid of the barriers and work more effectively together.’

But he warned that joining up health and social care would not solve funding problems across health and social care at a stroke.

‘It’s not just GPs who are under pressure. Look at A&E, waiting times – there is huge pressure on the system. Local authorities are all saying they have had budgets cut and have less money – to say putting funding in a single pot will solve all the problems, it isn’t going to work.

‘Even if you sort out problems at the boundary between health and social care, demand will keep on rising with the ageing population.

‘We need to have a debate as nation about how much we are prepared to resource these services.’

To read the full article click here: Somerset health and social care merger offers template for Labour reform

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