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Skill Mix Matrix

The terms ‘working at scale’ and ‘new models of care’ have been freely talked about, discussed and form a large part of the General Practice Forward View.

There are workforce tools available that practices can access to make comparisons around which members of the team could provide which services. They also address what training individuals require and importantly how much would that member of staff cost. This mapping exercise aims to complement those already available.

It is only with all this information to hand that practices and localities can start to plan on what their future structures could or should look like.

We hope it helps and we will, of course, keep it up to date!

Guidance Document for Multidisciplinary Framework for General Practice

The skills matrix has been updated to include the new roles in PCNs outlined in the Update GP Contract Agreement 2020/21-23/24.

Skills Matrix

The first section of the Skills Matrix looks at the various roles within General Practice and are linked to the midpoint of the NHS Agenda for Change Pay Scale, they do not include on costs.

You are advised to refer to page 9 on the maximum annual reimbursement rates for the additional roles in PCNs within the Update of the GP Contract Agreement.

Please click on the links below:

Multidisciplinary Framework for General Practice - Skills and Costing



Multidisciplinary Framework for General Practice - Competencies and Capabilities - This section provides links to the competencies, capabilities and educational underpinning and further training linked to the roles.



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