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Salaried Employment Terms

Always ensure you are happy with your contract before you sign.  The LMC can provide to members a basic contract checking service. We are not lawyers and cannot give a legal opinion.

The BMA offers free to its members an extremely comprehensive contract checking service. Gp contracts vary hugely in their make-up and contents. It is well worth seeking a review to ensure you understand what you are signing. Practices should be happy to clarify points before posts are taken up and some points may be open to negotiation.

Here are some useful resources to guide you.

BMA Model Contract

Essential guidance for sessional GPs regarding contract Terms and Conditions:

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Click here for maternity guidance:

Click here for paternity guidance:

Before You Sign - Contract Checking

Wessex LMCs can offer a contract checking service to our paid locum members. Please post or email a copy of your contact to the LMC Office at

To join as a locum member click here:

BMA contract checking service:

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