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Safeguarding: Online Training for Child Safeguarding

Safeguarding Practice Toolkit 

There is a Practice toolkit on our website which is adapted from the RCGP & NSPCC's and it has been updated for local use. It is a great reference document for practices and their staff. It is practical and can be adapted for your practice. It includes relevant read codes, a reference of child development milestones and some of the local contacts. 

Please see this excerpt from the toolkit: 

Training for Safeguarding - Staff Employment & Training 

Training Resources 

RCGP e-GP at – free to RCGP members (apply for password) 
Excellent general resources, such as the consultation with the child, under Section 8 Children and Young People; also Safeguarding Children and Young People – 4 modules – Initial “All staff” one and Level 2 (Recognition,Response and Record) 
Safeguarding e-Academy 
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect module 
£30 per person
Spotting the Sick Child

NSPCC produce a range of materials and educational tools for professionals, including the Educare – Health package which has been extremely successful in many professional fields.(Charge made)

In collaboration with Cardiff University, NSPCC has developed a series called CORE – INFO, including:

Please see below arrangements that have been made in each 3 counties for FREE training: 


Wiltshire Safeguarding Children Board covers GPs in Wiltshire. They can access the safeguarding courses free of charge through their membership of the Safeguarding e-Academy. The GPs can apply via the Wiltshire Pathways website:


Child Sexual Exploitation E-learning:

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) affects boys and girls from all walks of life, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. It is a serious crime which has a long lasting impact on the victims. Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation: Action Plan (DFE 2011) is clear that safeguarding is everyone’s business. This e-learning course aims to increase understanding of CSE and help agencies work together effectively and focus on the ultimate goal of keeping children safe and meeting their needs. This is Level 1 training as defined by the HSCB training pathway.

Information for:

All HSCB partners, to include: Any practitioner or manager within Children's or Adults' Social Care, Foster Carers, Police, Fire Service, Probation, Prison Service, Health, Education, Early Years, Housing, Voluntary or Community Service

Presented by:


Learning Objectives of the course:

On successful completion of this course, you will:

Course Content: 

The Child Sexual Exploitation E-learning course includes:

Other Booking Information:

For practitioners who wish to access this course please supply your name, email address, and the name and type of organisation you work for and request that you want free access to the CSE e-learning module

If you work in Hampshire please e-mail the Children's Services Workforce Development Team at

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