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Safeguarding: Children and Storing Information

There is no clear-cut guidance on storing information from third parties e.g. Case Conference reports or MARAC information.

The GMC in, Protecting children and young people - GMC ( , states the following:

“You should store information or records from other organisations, such as minutes from child protection conferences, with the child’s or young person’s medical record, or make sure that this information will be available to clinicians who may take over the care of the child or young person. If you provide care for several family members, you should include information about family relationships in their medical records, or links between the records of a child or young person and their parents, siblings or other people they have close contact with.”

The GMC guidance therefore allows both scanning and not scanning of these documents as valid options.

The RCGP Child safeguarding toolkit states:

“The coding and documentation of safeguarding information on a patient’s record is as important as the coding and documentation of any other significant medical issue such as cancer, diabetes, depression or learning disability for example. Safeguarding information needs to be immediately obvious on a patient’s notes to all health practitioners* who may access those medical notes for the purposes of direct patient care.”

Factors to consider as a practice:

There is a choice for practices and two aspects to consider – the case conference summaries and the more detailed case conference minutes.

Hampshire Social Services have decided to only share a summary of the action plan with GPs (2018) – this makes the situation more straightforward. It is suggested that summaries are scanned on in all cases.

The decision is up to each practice, however, for those with summaries and minutes.

Wessex LMCs would therefore suggest the following approach is reasonable with case conference minutes:

When releasing notes:

Remember to check for case conference reports as other previous practices may have opted to scan in these reports. There is no clear national guidance on releasing such reports and we can therefore only advise that practitioners seek advice on each individual case to which this applies. You can seek advice from us or more expert advice from your MDO, your named GPs ( or the information governance team at the CSU if you are based in Hampshire. 

More information can be found on our page  Wessex LMCs: Online Access to Medical Records – Safeguarding

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