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Practice Management

CEO Email Update - October 2018

GP Partnership Review - Interim report

Email Update - Wessex LMCs Sept 2018

Email update sent by Wessex LMCs - 19th Aug 2018

PM Newsletter - August 2018 - revision re global sum

LMC Email update 29th July 2018

Wessex LMCs email update July 24th 2018

NHS England GP Monthly Bulletin

Wessex LMCs Email update July 2018

Wessex LMCs Email update July 2018

LMC Email update 28th May 2018

LMC Email update 6th May 2018

LMC Email update April 2018

LMC Email update April 2018

Wessex LMCs update 20th Mar 2018

LMC Update February 22nd 2018

LMC Email update February 17th 2018

LMC Email update 4th February 2018

LMC Email update 4th February 2018

LMC Update 28th Jan 2018

Wessex LMCs December update part 2

December 11th 2017 - LMC Update

Email update November 26th 2017

Email update November 26th 2017

What did the GPC or LMC ever do for me?

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Saturday, 28 Oct 2017

LMC update - October 2017 - part 2

LMC Update Sept 2017

Wessex LMCs Email Update - Aug/Sept 2017

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Sunday, 23 Jul 2017

LMC Email update July 2017

Wessex LMCs email update - 28th May 2017

Ransomware cyber attack - wannacry virus

Hospital contract changes

Workforce - retained doctor scheme

LMC Update 2nd April 2017

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017

National Diabetes Audit 2017

LMC Update

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Thursday, 5 Jan 2017

LMC Email Update Christmas 2016

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Friday, 12 Aug 2016

Wessex LMC email update July 2016 - summer bonus edition!

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Sunday, 19th Jun 2016

Diabetes care in Dorset

Email sent by Wessex LMCs

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Tuesday, 10 May 2016

General Practice - are there solutions in sight!

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Thursday 21st April 2016

Email update - Wessex LMCs part 2

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Monday, 21st Mar 2016

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on Sunday, 21st Feb 2016

Wessex Charter of General Practice

LMC Email update Dec 2015

The Future of General Practice

Email sent by Wessex LMCs, on 22 Nov 2015

LMC Email Update 2015

LMC Update Sept 2015

LMC email update 9th August 2015

LMC Email update July 2015

LMC Email update

LMC Email update Part 2 - February 2015

LMC Email update February 2015

Email update from Carole Cusack, Lisa Harding (Directors of Primary Care) & Michelle Lombardi (Assistant Director of Primary Care) - Jan 2015

Wessex LMC Campaign Launch: Helping YOU to re-write the S.C.R.I.P.T

LMC Email update - Dec 2014

Director of Primary Care Email Update - April 2014

084 Telephone Numbers

3Ts - Time to Think


Are You (and your Partners) Fit for Practice?


Blue Badge Scheme

Business Planning and Processes / Transfer of Secondary Care Work


Care Quality Commission (CQC) Programme

Certification - Deaths

Certification - Non Chargeable

Certification - SCUBA

Certification - Shared Lives

Collaborative Arrangements

Collaborative Provider Models


Confidentiality - Recycling

Confidentiality after Death

Contract Changes 2014/15 (June 2014)

CQC Inspection Fees

CQC Interview Questions for "Registered Managers"

CQC Registration - Top Tips & Guidance

CQC Roadshow 2013 - Safeguarding Presentations

Data Sharing - General Principles

DBS: Risk Assessing Staff for a DBS Check

DBS: Wessex LMC and Client Agreement

Display Energy Certificate (DEC) - change in requirements

Doctors Whose Performance Gives Cause for Concern

DVLA - Consent for the Release of Relevant Medical Information

Electronic Patient Records

Employment Contract Clauses

Equality Act 2010

Extra 'named GP' funding in doubt as CCGs struggle to stump up cash. . .


Good Practice Guidelines for GP Electronic Patient Records

Health and Safety

Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) & Care Certificate

How Your Practice is Funded


Indemnity and the 2017-18 Contract Changes

Indemnity – MDU

Infection Control

Information Governance

Investigation: GPs given notice before LESs are put out to tender...

Jury Service for GPs

LMC Buying Groups Federation

Local QOF opt-outs will erode GPs’ negotiating power. . .

Mandatory Training for Practice Staff

Maternity & Keeping In Touch Days

Medical Records - Adopted Children

Medical Records - Handling and Retention

Named accountable GP for all patients

New GPSoC Framework

New wave of GP practice closures across UK is 'deeply concerning

NHS Choices - Responding to Negative Feedback

NHS e-Referral Service

Notification of Practice Changes

Nurse Indemnity

Nursing Homes and Residential Homes

Out of Area Registrations and In Hours Urgent Primary Medical Services (Enhanced Service)

Parental Responsibility, Access to Children’s Medical Records and Parental Disputes.

Partners - Retiring and New



Pathology Requests: Providing Adequate Information

Patient Demographic Services (PDS)

Patient Participation Groups



Performers List

PM Key Websites

PM Training Materials and Key Websites - Pre-Reading for Time Management Course : Jane Dawes Video

PMS & GMS Updates

Practice management support scheme seeks to keep expertise within the profession

Practice Manager Appraisals

Practice Manager Supporter - Alex Kimber

Practice Manager Supporter - Rachel McCready

Practice Managers Conferences 2014 - Resources

Recording Telephone Conversations

Release of Data without Consent

Removing Patients from Practice Lists

Requests for Disclosure of Data for Secondary Purposes

Safeguarding: Adults

Safeguarding: Adults - Contact Details

Safeguarding: Attending Case Conferences

Safeguarding: Bruising Protocols

Safeguarding: Children and Young People - Toolkit for General Practice

Safeguarding: Children and Young Peoples 'At Risk' Police Report (CYP/TAR)

Safeguarding: Domestic Violence and MARAC

Safeguarding: Filing of Child Protection Documents

Safeguarding: GMC Guidance

Safeguarding: Introduction to Safeguarding

Safeguarding: Keeping Up To Date

Safeguarding: Presentations - October 2012

Safeguarding: Private Fostering

Safeguarding: Read Codes

Safeguarding: Serious Case Reviews

Safeguarding: Children - Contact Details

Safeguarding: Making a Child Protection Referral to Social Services

Safeguarding: Risk Factors and Warning Signs for Child Abuse

Sudden Death on Practice Premises

Summary Care Record (SCR)

Support scheme extended for overworked Practice Manager. . .

Template Letter for Transfer of Secondary Care

Text/SMS Messaging

The Future of Primary Care, Ongoing Support For The Management Of The Practice & Innovations

Vaccines and Immunisations - Guidance for Practices

Wessex LMC Videos

What is MAPPA?

Workforce Management