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Resilience, Mindfulness & Support - Audio & Video Podcasts and Recorded Webinars

You can record your reflections on this form or via your learning diary here: ​​​CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your listening and how you apply it.

Pressures Facing GPs - Interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire 19-08-21

Dr Gareth Bryant, Acting CEO of Wessex LMCs, talks with Rachel Houghton of BBC Radio Wiltshire about the current pressures on GPs.

Wessex LMCs Press Release

The Jobs Too Big

Louise Greenwood talks to Jenny Partridge, one of our PM Supporters to tackle the problem of the current PM role – ‘The Job’s Too Big’. Some practical solutions are offered including our new initiative for PMs to find a ‘Space to Thrive ’.

Space to Thrive downloadable leaflet

Support for GPs

Dr Laura Edwards & Dr Andy Purbrick, Medical Directors at Wessex LMCs, are joined by Dr Sue Warren, Clinician at Practitioner Health, Appraiser & GP Partner. They explore what offers of support are available to help GPs including Wessex LMCs GP Support & Development Scheme. This scheme offers professional support for practitioners who may be struggling with challenges or obstacles which are causing a negative impact on their performance in the workplace.

Further Support

Stress - How can Wessex LMCs help?

Recorded during Stress Awareness Month (April '21), Louise Greenwood talks with Michelle Lombardi about the issues causing stress within General Practice and the resources available to help including:

Looking After Your Team

GP Supporters

GP Support and Development Scheme

Covid-19 - Support for Practice

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Looking After You Too

Louise Greenwood, Director of Education and Training at Wessex LMCs talks to Heather Simpson NHSE about the advantages of looking after yourself by taking advantage of the NHSE free coaching service #LookingAfterYouToo. Further info on the looking after you service is available on the Wessex LMCs website here:

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Resilience – when it all feels too difficult

In this podcast Louise Greenwood, Director of Wessex LEaD speaks to Sheela Hobden from Bluegreen Coaching about resilience and wellbeing. This is a great resource to share with all in primary care including reception and admin staff.

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Feeling Flat or Overwhelmed? - Perhaps time to try something different?

Dr Laura Edwards talks to Dr Sam Powell, portfolio GP and Master practitioner of NLP about what NLP is, and how we might use some of its benefits at the current time. This website is referenced and may be a helpful offering to key workers:

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The calm before the storm – coping with uncertainty and dread

Dr Laura Edwards, Director at Wessex LMCs talks with Stuart Somerville, former intelligence officer with the military about how you can deal with the uncertainty before really difficult situations arise.

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Creating Productive Relationships in a Changing and Remote Landscape

Dr Camilla Janssen talks to leadership consultant Rupert Harding who specialises in creating productive relationships. They discuss how we can improve communication with colleagues i.e. within partnerships, PCN’s, CCGs and across the wider clinical teams. They discuss difficult conversations, setting boundaries and how to say no. They look at change and how this impacts on us as well as looking at getting the most from remote communication, as this is the new landscape for the future. Rupert can be reached on: Mob:07831781860 or Email:

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