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Primary Care Support England (PCSE)

We are still receiving numerous queries from practices regarding issues and concerns with PCSE, however, PCSE restructuring in March 2020 led to our Engagement Officer being removed so we no longer have any direct liaison.

We completely understand your frustration and your concerns and as of July 2020 the LMC has a new escalation process (via the GPC) with PCSE. However, in order for us to raise and escalate any issue via the GPC, the practice must first have exhausted all the usual routes and complaints processes via the PCSE website.

The LMC will need the practice to complete this escalation template with the necessary details and e-mail to We can then log with the GPC for onward escalation on your behalf. Once we have sent the issue forward for escalation, PCSE will only reply to the e-mail contact given with the complaint issue on the escalation template you send to us. The LMC will not receive any update on the issue. Again not ideal, however, better than nothing.

Other ways to contact PCSE

The Customer Support Centre is open from 8:00-17:00, Monday to Friday for all services.

Telephone Number: 0333 014 2884

Postal Address:  Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN

*Any post, including any claim forms, returns or cheques currently posted to PCSE, should now be sent to the Darlington address above, which is a secure storage and distribution facility. If you wish to courier your documents to PCSE, please note there is a separate address for courier firms to use: Capita Intelligent Communications, Building 17, Units 2 & 6, Lingfield Point, McMullen Road, DARLINGTON, DL1 1RW.

Further information is available on their website: 

New GP Payments and Pensions Online (GPPP)

From 1st June 2021, PCSE launched the new online service for payments and pensions.

This will allow Practices and GPs working in General Practice to access a range of new services to help manage their payments and pensions administration.

PCSE have created a number of useful guides for the new GP Pensions & Payments service and are available here and ‘How to’ videos on thier YouTube channel.

They have also created FAQs for this service that can be seen on their "help page"

PCSE are posting service updates on various issues for this online system and how thye are being dealt with.

For any issues with payments, PCSE advise calling their customer support service (0333 014 2884) in the first instance rather than log the query online.

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