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Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Three major pieces of work have been published recently:

Individually these would have a significant impact on GPs and their practices but taken together they will have the most significant change that we have seen for many years and potentially even greater than the 2004 contract.

The key issue now is that the commitments detailed in these documents are delivered in full, with the minimum of red tape, so they can truly make a difference to those who work at the coal face and we start to address the issues of workload, workforce and financial risk.

Linking into this is the development of Primary Care Networks and the work that practices will need to undertake in the short and long term to make these a success.  We recognise  there is a huge amount of information available to practices and that it can feel overwhelming, we have therefore created this page so that practices have one place to access all information relating to PCNs and where possible we will provide the LMC view.

There are a number of documents & guidance available we have taken these and summarised them which you can access via the various links below:

Useful Resources:

Primary Care Networks Videos

The introduction of the changes to the GP Contract on 1st April 2019 are arguably the most significant for many years. The introduction of State Backed Indemnity was essential not only to address the rising costs of indemnity for GPs but also to secure a better future for general practice in terms of recruitment and retention.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are very important in terms of securing additional investment for primary care and also incentivising the transforming of general practice and primary care to work at scale but to build on the strengths of general practice and to secure an important leadership role.

Nigel Watson and Carole Cusack have recorded a number of short video podcasts to explain some of the frequently asked questions.

For general info on PCN's please see here:

PCN Video Podcast 1

PCN Video Podcast 2

PCN Video Podcast 3

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