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Practice Mergers - Merger Pack & Top Tips

The LMC is often asked to facilitate merger meetings and explain the process involved and has, as a consequence, produced a merger pack which is full of information and advice around this subject.

Please note that each CCG will produce its own application template so the one in the pack is an example only and you should ask your CCG for their form once you get to the point of applying.

A Compilation of Information Provided by Wessex LMCs

1. Practice Concerned Re Lack of GPs – Top Tips

2. Federation/Mergers - Overview

3. NHS England Information for Merger -08-2014

4. Business Case Proposal

5. NHS England Application for a Contractual Merger - 01-2014

6. NHS England Merger Action Plan Template - 01-2014

7. Top Tips to Help Guide You When Thinking About Merging

8. Presentation Notes for LMC Conference

9. Merger Day - One year on

10. Practice Mergers From A Manager Perspective

11. Mergers and CQC

12. Dispensing Practices

13. Summary of Funding Relating to GPFV

14. Top Tips For Setting Up And Running GP Federation

15. BMA-GP-safe working-and-locality-hubs

Practice Merger Considerations for Practice Managers

Please click on the image below to access a guide to mergers, written by a Practice Manager who has survived the process!

Two Practice Managers share their experiences of practice mergers

Wessex LMCs PM Supporters, Matt Perkins and Sue Scott discuss their experiences of practice mergers. From initial considerations to the merger process itself, Matt and Sue share their advice and top tips. Listen to the podcast here

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