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Practice Manager Updates - Recorded Webinars

Practice Manager Update 16th September 2020

In this PM Update, the Wessex LMCs team is joined by David Hodnett, Head of Operations at NHS Digital, to talk about the NHS App.

Please click on the image below to view the recording.


Practice Manger Update 26th August 2020

In this PM Update, the team at Wessex LMCs focus on the flu programme for this year, given its importance and dominance. We also cover a fortnightly roundup of the information that has been recently released, as there have been a number of significant documents published at an exceptionally busy time and also during holiday season.

*Further to our webinar on Wednesday 26th August we are aware that some practices may remove the flu vaccines from the main package prior to a flu clinic.  Practices should be aware of the guidance that advises that flu vaccine should be stored in their original packaging to prevent exposure to light.

Please click on the below image to view the recording.

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Practice Manager Conference 2020

On Wednesday 15th July 2020, we held a morning of information, fun & inspiration for all our fabulous Practice/Business Managers.

The agenda included a motivational talk from Phil Hammond who last came to our conferences in 2015 when he made us laugh (a lot!) but also gave us food for thought in how he has always supported whistle blowers in the NHS and those who campaign for fairness. As a doctor he knows uniquely what the NHS has been through in the last few months, but will also bring his own refreshingly irreverent view.

Lucy Hadley from The Development People has a very enthusiastic style and really understands the world of general practice from a PMs point of view including the time and people pressures! She covers some practical top tips for surviving in this ever changing world of practice management

You will also see some short, snappy sessions in HR, finance and information governance plus of course invaluable updates from Nigel Watson and Carole Cusack.

You can watch all of this back and access the slides by purchasing the package for £10 here


You can record your reflections from the podcasts on this form here or via your learning diary here:  ​​CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your listening and how you apply it.

Do you have any feedback for us or suggestions for future video podcasts or webinars?

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