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Practice Manager Updates - Audio & Video Podcasts and Recorded Webinars

You can record your reflections on this form or via your learning diary here: ​​CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your listening and how you apply it.

These podcasts are audio recordings taken from the practice manager webinars. The podcasts provide an opportunity for PMs to hear the latest guidance for practices from the team at Wessex LMCs.

Audio Recordings

Webinar for Practice Managers - 9th June 2021 (Focus on Travel) / Travel Vaccs - Patient Message

Webinar for Practice Managers - 16th May 2021 (Focus on PCSE) / PowerPoint / GP Payments & Pensions FAQs Webinar Recording (Video)

Webinar for Practice Managers - 12th May 2021 (Focus on CQC) / PowerPoint / Skills Matrix  / How to get your vaccination Status / Webinar Recording (Video) 

Webinar for Practice Managers - 28th April 2021 / FAQs / PowerPoint / Webinar Recording

Webinar for Practice Managers - 14th April 2021

Webinar for Practice Managers - 31st March 2021 / Supporting Information

Webinar for Practice Managers - 17th March 2021 FAQs 

Webinar for Practice Managers - 3rd March 2021 / Supporting Information


PM Feedback July 2020 "Thanks for these wonderful podcasts! They are hugely helpful and supportive".

PM Feedback June 2020 "Please continue weekly for as long as necessary (or as long as you are able to), it is by far the best/most valuable/appreciated virtual meeting I attend (and that is a lot recently!)"

2021 Webinar Dates

Wednesday 23/06/2021 (Focus on Complaints)

Wednesday 07/07/2021

Wednesday 21/07/2021

Wednesday 01/09/2021

Wednesday 15/09/2021

Wednesday 29/09/2021

Wednesday 13/10/2021

Wednesday 27/10/2021

Wednesday 10/11/2021

Wednesday 24/11/2021

Please contact if you do not have the link to join, and have not been receiving the regular reminders for these events, as the link is contained in that reminder.  Please Note: Once you have the link it will remain the same for all events until 24 November 2021.

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