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Practice Manager Audio & Video Podcasts and Recorded Webinars

Practice Manager Conference 2021 - Surviving, Reflecting and Moving Forward!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Virtual Practice Managers' Conference on 10th June 2021.  If you attended the webinar as a paid delegate, you can access the speaker recordings and presentation slides by logging into the Wessex LMCs website with your email address and password, and then clicking on the event page here:  The links to the recordings are listed on the word document: 'Links to Access Conference Recordings', but you must be logged onto the site AND have attended the conference to be able to see them.

If you missed the conference but would like to purchase access to the video recordings and slides, these are now available to purchase from our audio visual section here, they are all named PM Conf - and then numbered as per the agenda and with the name of the presentation.  The cost is £5 per presentation, and with 6 presentations in all it works out to the same cost as attending the conference, but you just don't get the fun bits in between. If you are happy to listen without pictures you can listen to the podcasts for free from here:  Wessex LMCs Podcasts