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Practice Manager Coaching & Mentoring

Our Practice Manager Supporters are now trained up to be coaches and mentors for our Wessex practice managers. To find out more about how this can help you, have a quick look at this short video

Don't worry about the difference between coaching and mentoring - the PM Supporter will use whichever technique is appropriate to you in your circumstances. 

Coaching and mentoring is great to look at you and your career, or to look at a particular issue. Please do not feel that you have to be struggling in any way to engage with this. As those of you who took part in our 'blob tree' exercise at our PM Conferences know, you can be at the top of the tree and in a good place, but still value someone encouraging you to see what you want for the future and how you can achieve some real job satisfaction.

If you want an example of what coaching and mentoring looks like, have a look at the below film.

Feedback from a PM Sept 2018

It has been like a breath of fresh air! We have talked through so many things today. My PM Supporter has so easily understood the issues I face and we have made plans.

Practice Manager Coaching Podcast

In this podcast Louise Greenwood talks to Karen Jefferies about her work as a PM Supporter, the value of coaching and what PMs may want to prioritise at the moment


To request coaching & mentoring support please email who will put you in touch with one of our PM Supporters.

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