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Practice Manager Peer Appraisals

Wessex LMCs currently only has appraisal funding for PMs in BaNES, Swindon, Wiltshire and Dorset for 2023/24. 

Wessex LMCs has recognised the value of Practice/Business Managers to General Practices within Wessex and has supported an initiative to develop a system of appraisal for them.  The Practice Managers' Supporters Scheme and the linked Appraisal Scheme have been based, with kind permission, on the scheme in Scotland, developed by Marion Foster.

To find out how an appraisal run by another PM can literally transform your working life, please watch this short video

Practice Manager Appraisals - Feedback

Having been slightly sceptical how this would work I can honestly say I was really pleased with the process, the appraiser and the appraisal on the day. You definitely need to be honest with your preparation work, especially reflections and the appraisal will only be as good as the information you give to the appraiser so spend enough time on this to make it complete and worthwhile. I would recommend this to all Practice Managers and wish to continue with this again next year.

For the first time in my life, I looked forward to an appraisal. To be able to have the time and opportunity to think purely about me was incredible. We get so bogged down with things that it's sometimes very difficult to see the way forward, my appraiser told me to turn around and look at the path I've come along before I do anything. It was a really useful, positive experience and I would definitely recommend this to other PM's

It was a valuable tool to look at what my role is and where I am succeeding as well as failing. My appraiser helped me to look at how I work and how I could make changes to improve my outcomes. I enjoyed and valued the experience

Appraisal was brilliant! Just what I needed. Stopped me spinning and really challenged and made me think about what it is that I wanted and needed to do over the next year and beyond. Came out feeling reinvigorated about my role and what I can offer                           

Jane’s Story - To hear how her appraisal affected Jane, please take a look at her video.

Practice Manager Appraisal Podcast

Practice Manager Appraisal Podcast  - In this podcast Louise Greenwood, Wessex Local Education, Training and Development Manager (LEaD) tells Ben Gowland, Director, Ockham Healthcare about the activities that have been put in place to support practice managers in the area including a new appraisal system that strengthens PM appraisal and provides productive and motivating time for the appraisees (and their appraisers) whilst also identifying learning needs and allowing planning for the future.

The Value of an Appraisal. . .

It is very important that it is recognised from the outset that this appraisal process is not to replace a performance review. Appraisal is for reflection on the Manager’s work and approach, it is to help identify areas for improvement and development and to demonstrate areas where improvement and development has already been made.

The Process. . .

We have worked with FourteenFish to update their Practice Manager Appraisal Toolkit in line with how our PM Supporters un the peer appraisals for PMs. There is no obligation at all to use it, but you might find it helpful to keep all your info electronically. There is normally a charge for using this toolkit (£42 per year) however for Wessex LMCs members it has been provided at no cost for those using our PM Supporters for their appraisal.

How to book your appraisal...

Wessex LMCs currently only has appraisal funding for PMs in BaNES, Swindon, Wiltshire and Dorset for 2023/24. 

Firstly, you will need to join the Practice Managers Appraisal Community on FourteenFish by clicking the following link:

Next, click here for instructions on how to book your appraisal via the FourteenFish electronic toolkit.


For any help and support about the appraisal system please feel free to contact Louise Greenwood at

Example Appraisal Forms

Staff Appraisal Scheme - Pre-Appraisal Checklist

Pre-Appraisal Guidelines & Self Assessment Form

Staff Appraisal Policy

Appraisal Summary

Pre-Appraisal Observations

Pre-Appraisal Questionnaire

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