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PCN - Financial & Legal Opinions

Good progress is being made locally in terms of establishing PCNs. Most areas have agreed their geographical footprint and their member practices. Many have appointed, elected or selected their Clinical Directors.

Some are concerned about the Network Agreement, the potential risk of VAT, taxation and employment.

We appreciate that there is little time left if PCNs want to get their agreements in place before 30 June, and whilst there is plenty of guidance available what PCNs really need is practical solutions appropriate to their particular situation.

To help PCNs, the LMC is working with our Financial and Legal colleagues to hold a series of seminars.

We aim to hold about 6 - 8 seminars across Wessex and have up to 10 PCNs present at each seminar, and each PCN could have up to 3 people attending, representing their PCN.

The Partners for these PCN Seminars are:

We will publish the dates shortly.

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