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Patient Transport

Non-emergency Patient Transport Services (PTS) are typified by the non-urgent, planned, transportation of patients with a medical need for transport to and from a premises providing NHS healthcare and between NHS healthcare providers.  This can and should encompass a wide range of vehicle types and levels of care consistent with the patient's medical needs.

The majority of patients will only require local transport but PTS may also cover journeys outside of the normal catchment area in some circumstances.

The CCG’s are now responsible for providing or securing the provision of transport services to such extent as they consider necessary to meet all the reasonable requirements of the patient which may include a variety of vehicles from cars to ambulances. 

Eligible patients are recognised as those where the medical condition of the patient is such that:

Currently, medical need for non-emergency (that which does not require an immediate or urgent response) PTS must be determined by a doctor, dentist or other health professional and will depend upon the medical condition of the individual patient.

Non-emergency PTS providers are as follows:

Patient Information

More information for patients, including the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme, can be downloaded from NHS Choices Website -  How do I organise transport to and from hospital?

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