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Partners - Retiring and New

Retiring Partners Checklist

We are often asked who needs to be notified when a Partner retires from the Practice, so we put together some useful information below.

The Adam Practice, has very kindly shared this comprehensive check list for retiring partners for you to download (which we have updated to reflect organisational changes).

Who to notify includes. . .

Retirement can take one of the following four options. . .

Remaining on the Performers List. . . 

If remaining on the performers list account needs to be taken of the following:

For CQC there is a lengthy process to follow so complete the form for an outgoing partner as soon as possible:  

New Partners Checklist

If a new partner is joining the practice the process to add the new partner should be started as soon as possible as this can take some time as s/he will need a DBS check counter signed by CQC which can take a while so worth getting ahead on it:

It is also necessary to check that a new partner (of any type) has indemnity when joining the practice.

The Adam Practice has shared their new partner check list which you may find useful.

Pension Forms

To find out the actions you need to take for retiring GPs in relation to their pension, information can be found on the PCSE website.

Forms need to be submitted through the PCSE online enquiries form, selecting type of enquiry as "GP Pensions".

If you have any queries regarding this and you would like to speak with PCSE their contact number is: 0333 014 2884

Working After Retirement

NHS Pension Scheme: Working After Retirement Factsheet


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