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Paediatrics - Audio & Video Podcasts and Recorded Webinars

You can record your reflections on this form or via your learning diary here: ​​CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your learning and how you apply it.

Group A Streptococcus Infections – where are we now?

Dr Sanjay Patel, paediatric infectious diseases & immunology consultant at Southampton Childrens’ Hospital, joins Dr Will Howard, Medical Director at Wessex LMCs to give us an update on the current situation with the Group A Strep outbreak. (January 2023)

Listen to the podcast here

Diagnosis and Management of Group A Streptococcus Infections

Dr Andy Purbrick, Joint Chief Executive of Wessex LMCs & a Dorset GP, discusses the current Group A Streptococcal situation with Dr Sanjay Patel, paediatric infectious diseases & immunology consultant at Southampton Childrens’ Hospital. (December 2022)

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Strep A and scarlet fever: Healthier Together (

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Listen to the podcast here

Patient Safety - A Focus on Children & Teenagers

Dr Chrissy Boardman, CAMHS Doctor, talks to Dr Sarah Kay- GP Clinical Lead for Patient Safety at NHS Dorset about prevention of child and teenager suicides. They discuss how to risk stratify presentations of self-harm, including the importance of establishing history of autism, eating disorder, or gender dysphoria or recent bereavement that may increase your index of concern. They discuss resources to signpost patients and parents to as a practical way of supporting families.

Listen to the podcast here

Paediatric Update - Meeting the needs of your littlest patients - 30th September 2021

Following the success of previous Paediatric updates, this phase will cover a new range of topics. A mixture of the common and the rare – something for everyone! 

Each topic is available to purchase at £10 per topic for members of Wessex LMCs. Or £20 per topic for non members. To purchase access to these recordings please click below:


Mental Health

Eating Disorders


Fever in Children

Antibiotics in Children

Tips, Tools and Templates for Remote Paediatric Consulting

Dr Camilla Janssen, Dr Oliver Morris and Consultant David James discuss tips, tools and templates available on the Healthier Together website to assist with Paediatric consultations.

To purchase access to this recording please click here:

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