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Out of Area Registrations and In Hours Urgent Primary Medical Services (Enhanced Service)

Choice of GP Practice

NHS England released guidance on the new out of area patient registration (choice of GP practice) arrangements in November 2014, click here to access this. 

What does this actually mean?

Within the guidance was issued it identified 2 elements to this scheme which were:

Out of Area Registrations:

1.  Process for registering a patient as out of area:

2.  Funding mechanism for out of area registrations

Practices receive the same funding (GMS/PMS) as they would normally receive for any other NHS registered patient. 

3.  Existing patients

4.  Registration Status 

5.  Students:

This would appear to contradict itself therefore the LMC believes that students should be registered with a practice near where they attend university and then be seen as a temporary resident when at home.

6.  Assigning patients

This scheme only applies to practices within England and will not be able to register patients who live in other countries of the UK.

7.  Registering patients

When patients who live outside your practice’s area request to register, you will need to decide the following:

Click here to see a flow diagram of what to consider if a patient has moved to outside of the practice boundary and requests to re-register.

Click here to see a flow diagram of a suggested process for a new registration of an out of area patient.

Ringwood Medical Centre has shared their out of area patient registration form and a treatment form for the In Hours Urgent Medical Care DES for practices to adapt as necessary. 

In Hours Urgent Primary Medical Care Enhanced Service:

The In Hours Urgent Primary Medical Care Enhanced Service is the second element of this and is technically separate from the out of area registration element.  This will be needed when an out of area patient is unwell when at home and requires urgent care. 

As this is an enhanced service practices can choose to opt in or out of providing this, there is no requirement to undertake this service. 

To view the service specification please click here:

1.  What will you have to do if you choose to sign up to this?

 If you wish to sign up to this enhanced service you will need to provide the following:

2.   How will this be monitored?

3.  What is the payment for this?

4. When can a patient access the in hours urgent primary medical services?

Click here to see 3 different scenarios and whether a patient can access the in hours urgent primary medical service

Further Reading:

For further reading and frequently asked questions, please click here to read 'Q&A: Taking on out-of-area patients', published in Pulse on 17.12.14. For non Pulse subscribers, please click here

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