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Nursing Team Updates - Audio & Video Podcasts and Recorded Webinars

You can record your reflections on this form or via your learning diary here: CQC is particularly keen to see any evidence of your watching/listening and how you apply it.

Practice Nurse Update Webinar - Dates for 2021

Regular update for Practice Nurses, with topical items covered in more detail as appropriate. Helene Irvine - Wessex LMCs' Nurse Advisor will lead these short sessions with invited speakers looking at different, topical issues each month. Join us and your colleagues for these monthly webinars (1-2pm), to keep up with the latest developments, and to share relevant experiences.

Tuesday 7th September 2021 - Book online here

Tuesday 5th October 2021 - Book online here

Tuesday 2nd November 2021 - Book online here

Tuesday 7th December 2021 - Book online here

Practice Nurse Update Webinar 16 July 2020

The pace of change in general practice never seems to stop, Covid-19 has had a big impact in the last few weeks on the daily routine. We are now moving into the next phase of ‘restoration and recovery’, though not everyone wants to ‘restore’ all the elements we have had in the past!

In this first of our GPN Update Webinars, Helene Irvine was joined by:

You can download the slides by clicking on the links in the above text, and email the speaker by clicking on their name.

Please click on the image below to view the recording.

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