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NHS pledges £55m to make all GP referrals electronic by 2018

9 March 2016, GP Online

NHS England has pledged to spend £55m on making all GP referrals electronic by 2018.

Wessex LMCs chief executive Nigel Watson said he used the electronic Choose and Book system for referrals 'all the time'.

But he warned that patients often did not want to leave the consultation with an appointment, but instead wanted to be able to go and book it themselves.

'I don't see that in a 10-minute consultation you have the time to give patients a choice of appointments and then book for them.

'Moving to electronic communications has got to be the right way forward. But you can’t expect GPs to sit there and do booking and work as travel agents in a 10-minute consultation.'

To read the full article, clcik here: NHS pledges £55m to make all GP referrals electronic by 2018


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