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Needlestick Injuries

Does your practice have a Needlestick policy? I am sure it does as you require it for CQC, but do you know what it contains?

A practice recently had a patient with a needlestick injury (NHS Choices guidance below) and advised the patient to attend A/E and then ended up on in the local paper - read the article here.

The LMC will confirm with CCGs and hospitals that the National Guidance is in place as the LMC's view is that GPs are not in the best place to access the resources to manage this potentially serious problem.

NHS Choices guidance on Needlestick Injury

If you pierce or puncture your skin with a used needle, follow this first aid advice immediately:

You should also seek urgent medical advice: go to the nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department, or contact your employer’s Occupational Health service, if you injure yourself at work. 

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