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Monkeypox designated a notifiable disease

Legislation was laid on 7 June 2022 which made monkeypox a notifiable infectious disease under the Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010 from 8 June 2022. 

This means all doctors in England are required to notify their local council or local Health Protection Team (HPT) if they suspect a patient has monkeypox. Laboratories must also notify the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) if the monkeypox virus is identified in a laboratory sample.

Further details, including the latest updates on monkeypox, are available on the website.

NHSE also have a monkeypox publication webpage

All Guidance including for Primary Care : The epidemiology, symptoms, diagnosis and management of monkeypox virus infections.

UKHSA Letter: Immediate Actions in Response to Cases of monkeypox Virus in UK with no known travel history

Recommendations for the use of pre and post exposure vaccination during a monkeypox incident

Smallpox and monkeypox: the green book, chapter 29; information for public health professionals.

Protecting you from monkeypox - information on the smallpox vaccination

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