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Medical Records - Handling and Retention

A brief summary of the more detailed advice is available here which includes advice about how long medical records should be kept.

For definitive advice please click here: Medical Records Code of Practice 2021

GMC Good Medical Practice requires that:

'you keep clear, accurate and legible records, reporting the relevant clinical findings, the decisions made, the information given to patients, and any drugs prescribed or other investigation or treatment.'  It also stipulates that you 'make records at the same time as the events you are recording or as soon as possible afterward.'

All of the following should be part of the record forwarded when the patient is de-registered;

 They should not normally include:

Can I shred paper records once they have been scanned?

Technically, if they are kept in an electronic format, that cannot be altered i.e. scanned document, then they can be deemed to provide a true and accurate record,  and it is probably safe to destroy paper records.  However, you must comply fully with the Good Practice Guidelines for Electronic Patient Records (version 4).    You should also remember that where any records relate to p known medico-legal issues, (complaints, civil or criminal law) practices should keep all relevant records pending further advice from their medical defence organisation.

When summarising and shredding you should ensure that you:

Access to Health Records by Diagnostic Staff

This helpful document provides guidance for patients and Healthcare professionals and summarises guidance already available.  This is with regard to clinicians accessing medical information without direct consent, such as a radiologist wanting to view the history to help interpret a CXR or a clinical biochemist wanting to look at the medication list when interpreting results.

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