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Mandatory Certificate For Council Tax Discount Due To Severe Mental Impairment

People with severe mental impairment may seek special treatment with regards to both the size of the council tax bill and the identity of the person who is liable to pay it.

The definition of severe mental impairment for this purpose is different from that used in the Mental Health Act. The definition comes from the Local Government Finance Act 1992 and is deemed severely mentally impaired if “he has a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning (however caused) which appears to be permanent.”

Severity is not further defined and depends on clinical judgement. The letter from Department of Health suggests seeking advice from other medical colleagues or colleagues in other professions or carers. You may wish to use tools such as the MMSE, Activities of Daily Living or ICD 10 criteria to help evidence your decision. The discount is expected to be lifelong.

If the doctor agrees with the request then the doctor should complete the form. If the doctor feels unable to complete the certificate then they should return it to the Local Authority together with any other documents received. The applicant can then choose to nominate another doctor who has knowledge of the applicant. 

Further reading concenring certificates that must be provided free of charge can be found here:  Certification - Non Chargeable

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