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Tissue Viability - Intro to Leg Assessment & Doppler for Nurses

This session is primarily aimed at the Registered Practitioner (GPN). By watching this recording you will be gaining knowledge and understanding on how to assess lower limbs including the importance of a Doppler test. The learner will explore all the aspects that relate to recognising and managing types of ulceration and risk of ulceration plus the identifying the link with underlying health and lifestyle.

The learner will gain knowledge on the process of assessment and information gathering, along with procedures needed  that will determine and support care planning and referral if needed. Regarding Doppler-the theory, technique, preparation and equipment will be discussed alongside the calculation of the ABPI and its interpretation. Denise can be contacted at with any queries concerning the clinical content only of this module.

You will be able to access accompanying support documents for this module here:


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