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Lunch and Learn

Lunch & Learn is a Wessex LMCs initiative. It provides a different way for practices to train their staff as it enables you, on behalf of the practice, to deliver training over a lunchtime, by giving you all the materials you need. When you purchase a Lunch and Learn package your payment will trigger access to a PowerPoint presentation and all the relevant accompanying training materials on line, through this page.

You can access the files of any purchased package as often as you like from this website, and we undertake to maintain and keep them up-to-date. We recommend, therefore, that you don’t save your own versions, as these will not be updated automatically.

Please note that once the purchase has been made under your own login, the materials can only be accessed by you under your login.

Video Resources

We also have a number of video resources available in various topics. These can be purchased and viewed anytime. Please note that once the purchase has been made under your own login, the materials can only be accessed by you under your login.

3Rs - Registrations, Removals & Regulations for General Practice
Accessible Information Standard
Adult & Child Safeguarding Awareness Level 2
Care Co-Ordinators, Social Prescribers & More
Chaperone Training
Customer Service Skills
Emergencies & Business Continuity
Equality & Human Rights in General Practice
Flu 2021/22
Information Governance
Managing Patient Records
Mental Capacity Act
Mental Health - how to thrive working in General Practice
Practice Healthcheck
Practice Nurse Revalidation
The NEWS Scoring System, Sepsis & Physical Deterioration
Understanding Conflict
VIDEO A safe, Effective MSK Consultation
VIDEO Alphabet of Red Flags - A Brief Introduction
VIDEO Alphabet of Red Flags - A to E
VIDEO Alphabet of Red Flags - F to H
VIDEO Alphabet of Red Flags - I to N
VIDEO Alphabet of Red Flags - O to P
VIDEO Alphabet of Red Flags - Q to Z 
VIDEO Assessing Wounds & Barriers to Healing
VIDEO Basic Fire Safety and Extinguishers
VIDEO Bite Size on Basic Understanding of Practice Accounts
VIDEO Bite Size on Budgets & Cashflow
VIDEO Bite Size on Contracts
VIDEO Bite Size on Delegation & Organisation
VIDEO Bite Size on Influencing & Negotiating
VIDEO Bite Size on Making a Business Case
VIDEO Bite Size on Pensions
VIDEO Bite Size on Personal Effectiveness & Resilience
VIDEO Bite Size on Premises
VIDEO Compression Therapies
VIDEO Creating Productive Relationships
VIDEO Down Syndrome Today
VIDEO E Consultations
VIDEO Early Diagnosis of Cancer & NG12
VIDEO Eyes, Remote Consulting & Red Flags
VIDEO Fire Wardens
VIDEO Heads & Hearts, Eating Disorders & Medical Mistakes
VIDEO Health & Safety Part 1
VIDEO Health & Safety Part 2
VIDEO Health & Safety Part 3
VIDEO Healthy Lifestyle Webinar
VIDEO Interpreting Abnormal Blood Results (Part 1)
VIDEO Interpreting Abnormal Blood Results (Part 2)
VIDEO Interpreting Abnormal Bloods: Immunoglobulins
VIDEO Interpreting Abnormal Bloods: Neutropenia
VIDEO Interpreting Abnormal Bloods: Thrombocytosis
VIDEO Introduction to Leg Assessment & Doppler for Nurses
VIDEO Leg Ulcers, Compression & Wound Care
VIDEO Menopause Hints & Tips
VIDEO Mental Health - Personality Disorders
VIDEO Non Medical Prescribing Update June 21
Video Non-Medical Prescribing 08-09-21
VIDEO Paeds 1 Intro and Rashes
VIDEO Paeds 2 Neonatal Jaundice
VIDEO Paeds 3 Acute Asthma & Bronchiolitis
VIDEO Paeds 4 Fever in Children
VIDEO Paeds 5 Mental health in Teenagers
VIDEO Paeds 6 Eating Disorders in Young People
VIDEO Paeds 7 Reflections on Covid in Children
VIDEO Practical Solutions to Dressing Choices
VIDEO Raised Platelets & Cancer
VIDEO Rapid Investigation Service
VIDEO Routine Immunisations
VIDEO Supporting Veteran Health in Primary Care
VIDEO Tips for Remote Paediatric Consulting
VIDEO Where Does Vaping Fit Into Cancer Prevention?