Equality & Human Rights in General Practice

Equality & Human Rights in General Practice

About this Lunch & Learn

The aim of this Lunch and Learn is to provide staff within general practice with an understanding of the meaning of equality and human rights, what this means for the practice, as well as what is required for the practice to achieve CQC compliance.

By the end of this training staff should be able to demonstrate:

  • a level of understanding of equality and how it relates on a legal and CQC level within the practice, with the aim of avoiding discrimination;
  • the meaning of diversity and differences between people and why a Practice needs to understand this;
  • how prejudice and discrimination occur;
  • the rights of patients and the responsibilities of staff in relation to this.

Introduction – why are we here and what are we trying to achieve:

  • What is “equality”
  • What is “diversity”
  • The legal requirements – The Equality Act 2010

Patients’ rights and the Care Quality Commission requirements:

  • What are the “human rights” of patients
  • The requirements of the Care Quality Commission in relation to General Practice and equality and human rights
  • The practical application of equality, diversity and human rights requirements in the Practice
  • Discussion using scenarios, including what staff can do to ensure the effective management of issues
  • Actions within the Practice to meet requirements of CQC and legislation

Discussion scenarios include:

  • Language differences
  • Disabilities
  • Cultural differences
  • Gender reassignment

Certificates of attendance are provided as part of the package, and don’t forget to log your learning points & reflections as part of your CPD. CQC are particularly keen to see any evidence of your learning and how you apply it.

We welcome any feedback from you and your staff when you have run any of our Lunch and Learn training resources.

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